4 tips from Justin Urbas to attract top talents in small businesses

Getting the right people is crucial for any business, but startups fail to do it sometimes because of their tight budget and lack of credibility. However, here Justin Urbas is showing how you can attract and retain the top talents in your newly started business just using the techniques below.

Do something big: Inspite of having all other factors mentioned above, people will still be interested to be a part of your business if you are doing something big. When hiring employees, Urbas suggests that you should make them realize how working in your company will benefit them.

Define the skills: Before starting to recruit new people in your company, you should define the skill sets required for working. Once all the skills are identified, your next task is writing a great job description. As per Urbas, an appealing job description also attracts the potential employees and make them interested to work for you. Make sure that the staffs can understand the values and culture of your company completely before applying for the job.

Reflect the culture in recruitment process: According to Justin Urbas, reflecting your culture in the recruitment process is also necessary for attracting employees. Design the interviews or any other personality tests in such way so that the applicants can realize what made the company unique. While hiring also, you should ensure that the selected people will be able to adopt values of your company.

Develop a recruiting framework: As your company will grow, you will need to hire more staffs. For getting the right people always, you can develop a recruitment framework and put it into practice. However, you should make the process flexible enough also so that changes can be made whenever required.

Justin Urbas considers your first hire should be such a person who can take responsibility of getting lots of stuffs done. Later you can focus on involving people with specific knowledge on any subject.

David Justin Urbas

Justin Urbas is an Entrepreneur who provides small business ideas and inspire them to reality