3 tips from Justin Urbas to create a transparent corporate culture

Whatever be the size of your business, maintaining transparency in its activities is important for long run. But, for a new entrepreneur, creating a transparent corporate culture, is not easy. Below are the tips from Justin Urbas for developing a perfect corporate culture within your organization from the day one.

Open message boards for your team: From the initial days, at your organization, you should have an open message board. These boards are generally used for obtaining feedbacks from employees after meetings or any other events. At your business, you can utilize the message boards in more innovative way. For example, you can ask employees to express their grievances, queries etc too through the board. Once the staffs are encouraged to do this, you will see the reduction in gossips and other related issues.

Using collaborative tools: As an employer, you need to communicate with the staffs regularly. At the first few days, the task will not seem difficult to you. But as your business will grow and the number of staffs will increase, communicating with them will become more and more difficult. To avoid such situations, Justin Urbas suggests that you can use collaborative tools. Such tools help you to answer queries from employees and always stay in touch with them.

Share values of your business openly: The staffs will be encouraged to bring transparency in their activities only when they are aware of the values of your business. Urbas considers that the best way to inform them is writing the values on wall and everywhere possible so that the staffs can see these all the time. Apart from being straightforward, you can use a creative approach too for sharing the values.

Justin Urbas says that building trust with the employees is crucial for maintaining transparency in their activities. So , from the very beginning, try to make a trusted and close relation with employees to build a perfect culture within organization.

David Justin Urbas

Justin Urbas is an Entrepreneur who provides small business ideas and inspire them to reality