3 low cost marketing ideas from Justin Urbas for small business owners

The small businesses might lack adequate number of professionals or budget for marketing, although these companies can easily compete with their large counterparts using innovative ideas. Here, Justin Urbas suggested some such innovative ideas that you can in own business to reach more customers.

Be mobile-centric: The mobile users are now outnumbering desktop users. So, in this age, being just mobile-friendly would not be enough. Instead, now the businesses need to be mobile-centric. Even the small ones too can enhance engagement with customers through mobile. For this, you just need to do few things such as- launching your own mobile app, enabling customers to make payments using mobile wallet or selling your products through mobile sites and apps. To implement all these ideas, you really do not need to invest a lot. But, if these strategies are implemented successfully, the results will surely amaze you.

Opting Email marketing: Although lots of marketing techniques are now available today, businesses still consider that Email marketing is one such option that gives them the highest ROI. Even the marketing experts also say that it, being highly affordable, is the best option for small businesses. However, Justin Urbas considers that most of the businesses do a common mistake of increasing sale only while running such programs. If you start Email marketing for own organizations, try to avoid this mistake and provide audience with valuable information while communicating.

Focusing on video streaming: A research shows that approximately 70% of customers know about a brand from advertisement and a significant portion of them prefer videos over any other form of contents. In 2017 also, Video contents will continue playing the key role for grabbing attention of people. You can post the personalized storytelling or “How to” videos to get the best outcome.

Justin Urbas suggests that word-of-mouth still generates significantly higher sale than paid advertising. Thus, in order to promote your small business, you can go for influencer marketing techniques too.

David Justin Urbas

Justin Urbas is an Entrepreneur who provides small business ideas and inspire them to reality