How to boost up your E-commerce business

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Often the e-commerce retailers overlook several factors that can contribute a lot to their success. Like other e- commerce business-owners, these success factors might be neglected in your business too. However, here from Justin Urbas, know how to grow your business to the next level by avoiding common mistakes.

Improve product descriptions: A study indicates that the users of e-commerce sites spend approximately 82% of the total time in reading the texts especially product descriptions. So, it is quite clear that just by focusing on these product descriptions, you can increase the sale to great extent. In your e-commerce site too, you should give importance on providing information rich texts for visitors.

Simplify the checkout process: The online customers will not be interested to purchase from your site unless it is user-friendly. However, most of the e-commerce start-ups fail to do it perfectly. In your site, you should focus on each and every aspect of it, starting from - product searching to the checkout process. Justin Urbas considers that it will also help you to increase sale.

Use great images: Along with texts, the images on the e-commerce sites also play a crucial role to influence decisions of customers. While developing the site, you should remember that unlike brick and mortar stores, customers will not get chance to check the products physically in e-commerce sites. So, there is only one way for convincing them to purchase the products, i.e. providing great images. You can use images taken from different angles for a product to give a complete view of it.

The online customers prefer those sites only which seem trusted to them. Urbas identified that generally the start-ups like yours fail to express to the customers that they are authentic. As per Justin Urbas, at first you should understand what do your customers want and what are their worries. It will help you to create a sound brand image to them, read more.

David Justin Urbas

Justin Urbas is an Entrepreneur who provides small business ideas and inspire them to reality


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